Hey there, I’m Liba.
I'm a psychologist in private practice
and a mother of four.

I help moms to reconnect
with themselves and their kids

so you can stay calm when things get crazy and
feel confident that you're raising happy kids who thrive.
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5 Steps to Stay Calm and Enjoy Life with Kids
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Keeping your cool when your kids push your buttons may seem impossible, but if I can do it, so can you! Join me for a short class where I'll teach you the 5 steps I use daily in my life with kids to keep calm when things get crazy, so that instead of losing it on your kids (no matter how irritable you are, or how annoying they are!) you can start responding with calm, clarity and kindness.

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Let’s Connect!

Because I'm actually a real, live person and I'm here to help! That's why I created this Facebook community; because I believe motherhood is a group sport, not to be done alone - plus, I'm also here to answer your questions about parenting, motherhood and living a full and happy life raising good kids who thrive. So come on in and say hi. I'm excited to see you!

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5 Reasons Why You’re Still Losing It On Your Kids

As soon as I became a mother, I quickly realized that despite all of my hopes and dreams of what motherhood was, I had no idea how to fulfill the image I had of myself as a mom. When it came to the daily grind with kids, there were definitely times when I felt like I […]

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The Key to Raising Good Kids Who Thrive

Not long ago, I was lecturing to a group of clinical counselling students on child development and parenting, when a student asked me, point blank, ” If you had to sum it all up in one word, what would it be?” You mean, you want me to summarise 75 years of research and clinical practice into […]

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